Three was a magic number

We caused a bit of confusion this week with our three opening events. Our hectic and bewildering schedule wasn't an excuse to party for three nights solidly, it was all part of a cunning plan to take into account the size of the gallery, the number of people we had invited, and numerology.

The theory of three defines rules in science, interior design and speechwriting. It is used to structure plays, TV series and film scripts, and often defines a group of good-humoured comrades in dramas. Think Harry Potter, Charlies Angels, the Three Amigos etc. This week our own talented trio of artists ventured forth with their first exhibition and true to form there were a few laughs along the way.

Aristotle observed that people find it easier to remember things in sets of three. So with this in mind, we adopted the theory of three for our logo as well as our opening events. The three levels within the building perfectly matched the trio of different activities within - a gallery, an event space and artist studios. The three layers of windows then became three squares, which were then colour-coded to match the colour of the building - the light blue of the fascia, the dark blue of the gallery shopfront and the silver/grey of the reflective window.

Our three opening events kicked off with a private view.  Where it was lovely to talk about, motivation, creativity and methods of practice with many of the artists who will be exhibiting this year. 

At our second event, we met more of the Penryn community, including the mayor of the town, who were welcoming, encouraging and enthusiastic about our new venture

We arranged our third opening event to coincide with the leap day. A leap year brings with it energy, optimism, and love, so it was the perfect opportunity conclude our celebrations with a big Thank You to all our friends and family who have supported us on our journey from initial idea to the first exhibition.

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