Books by local authors

As part of a Christmas campaign to support local authors and book illustrators, we decided to fill a gap in the demand for local books and stock a range of books by local authors in a broad range of categories from Art & Photography, Memoirs,  Walking Guides, Thrillers, Romance, Mystery, Short Stories to Children's books.

The idea was so popular we now have a permanent display in a small corner of the gallery assigned just to Cornish books. We are the ONLY space in the county to house a unique collection of local authors' publications which can't always be found in the high street book shops.

Our authors include:
Lamorna Ireland, Sally Hobson and Mama Gordon, Des Hannigan, Penny Authors, Anthony Hopewell, Laura Menzies, Sue Kittow, Jo Grande, Theresa-Marie Smith, Claire Duende, Terri Nixon, Jane Cable, Sue Kittow, Angie Butler, Gilly Ridges, Kim Sancreed, Jo Jakeman, Scott Jones, Michelle Cassar, Jack Lahmodes, Henry Austwick, TJuilet-Russell-Roberts, Victoria Osbourne-Broad, J Hockin, Felicity Tattersall, Sue Lewington, Lisa Woolcott, Emmanuelle Briolat and Mossy Crow.

Tracey Dockree and the collaborative writers in the Cornwall: Misfits & Legends short story collection (Emily Ould, Philip Rollason, Caroline Palme, Anita Hunt, David Allkins, Angle Fitt, Stephen Baird, Froshie Evans, Ulrike Duran, Claudi Loveland, Pen King, John Evident, Angela Evron, Josh Copus-Oxland, and Rachel Fitch)