Louise Banks - Leaving Land

Leaving Land exhibition by Louise Banks

Friday 23rd June - Saturday 15th July

12:00 - 17:00 Wednesday to Saturday

Private View Saturday 24th June 17:00 - 19:00

Louise’s inspiration comes from the estuary, which edges her East Devon village. Sketching and painting in the harbour, she enjoys the endless potential for subject matter within this circumscribed space. She is interested in our desire to leave the land and the ways we find to do this.

In this collection of work are traditional Cornish boats, swimmers and harbour wall ladders; all relate to the theme of leaving the land and the wish to venture beyond the place we inhabit. She was born on a boat to parents who lived on the water. Her father’s
drowning in the channel when she was just one, meant that the water has always held powerful associations for her. While researching his life she discovered that he sailed a Falmouth Quay Punt in the late fifties. Their traditional red gaff-rigged sails appeal as abstract forms against the cool hues of sky and water.

She says of swimming in the estuary and sea ‘I am always aware of the moment my feet leave the ground’. Much of her work reflects the significance of tides and the way water carries you. She likes to show her working process - making brush strokes visible;

‘ I find the transparent qualities of watercolour, ink and gesso particularly
suitable for revealing layers and the surface beneath.’

Louise’s recent work The Mussel Sack, has been selected for the RBA 2023 bicentennial exhibition at the Mall Galleries. She was also a finalist in the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2020 with her painting Ways to Leave Land.