Lee Kellgren & Derek Hayes exhibition

Exhibition: 24 MAY - 17 JUNE 2023
Wed-Sat 12:00 - 17:00 ( closed 7th June)

Lee Kellgren specialises in using colour and layers in semi-figurative oil and acrylic paintings.

Derek Hayes is an award-winning animator, currently teaching at Falmouth University, and an artist who likes to wrestle with the lessons of the great masters of art.
Inspired as much by the Renaissance as by Picasso he would love to settle on one technique, but inevitably is drawn to any and all ways of saying something about the clash of ancient ideas and the modern world.

Now based at The Old Grist Mill, Penryn, both Lee & Derek have been a part of the Terrace Gallery Studio scheme and exhibited widely in London, Bristol, Falmouth, and Penryn.