Ashley Hanson exhibition

Porthleven is Ashleys first exhibition with the Terrace Gallery - 02 DEC - 10 JAN 2021

Born in Blackpool at the start of the sixties Ashley went on to study art in Manchester, Blackpool and Cantebury where he completed his BA in Fine Art. He is an elected member of the Newlyn Society of Artists and has won numerous awards. His solo exhibitions have been hosted in Cornwall, Devon, Berkshire and Kent, but this will be Ashley's first exhibition in Penryn

In all Ashley's work, he is fascinated by the impact of image on the flat, map-like, painter’s space, and the dialogue and tension between the different realities of information and imagination - between what inspires and drives the paintings and the uncertainties and excitement of the painting process. 

As an artist, he craves/needs surprise, not sameness. Journeys, places, books, music, all generate ideas, providing catalyst and context, and colour which always excites. Freedom and control are the contradiction of painting, and finding the balance of the two is the essence of his work.