Robyn Weldon - Confessions to the Water

Private view: 9th Dec 18:00-20:00
Exhibition: 9 Dec - 9th Jan 2022
12:00-18:00 Thursday- Sunday

Robyn Weldon – Confessions to the Water

Where it ended, it began. Many hours were spent looking out the window, across the water to the horizon line, reminiscing those coastal walks, remembering. I searched for freedom when the romance ended, and in the confines of a historical national lockdown. I watched Mother Nature and her storms roll in towards me, in all her glory. I am connected. To capture these moments, paint was put to canvas, honesty was needed, and now – I am the storm.

I forged a connection with the weather and I capture the ever-changing skies through my movement across the paper. My feelings, like the wind, change direction – and now, so does the paint. I paint to remember all the moments, to reflect the glorious landscape, and the ongoing story of the Cornish coastline along with my love.