Steven Buckler

Private view: Wednesday 14 December  18:00-20:00

Exhibition: 14 December - 07 January
12:00-18:00 Wednesday - Saturday

Steven’s work is about drawing and painting bits of our landscape customarily edited out
of our perception and experience. Using ink, paint and paper, he looks to capture something of the still brooding silence that raises hairs, the melancholy isolation of the forgotten things, the fizzing anticipation of approaching rain or the earthy humidity left behind.

The atmosphere, the light and the colour. It’s about the unseen lives taking place in it, or that took place in it and it’s about the remains, the leftovers, of these lives. It’s about the thing that doesn’t quite fit, that jars, and it's this that catches his eye: how the sharp edges of the new rub up against the soft crumbling of the old; where a web of cables and lines crisscross the skyline; the red corrugated metal sheets of a neglected shed; the forgotten cottage, its solidity broken by a single tiny window.