Rachel Painter - Hidden Footsteps Through The Sea

Hidden Footsteps Through The Sea Exhibition, appeared in the gallery from 29th April - 16th May 2021

Arriving in Cornwall in 2008, Rachel trained at Falmouth University graduating with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. With the ambition of always becoming an artist she initially used her passion for creativity to work within communities, realising its influence for a force for good. Having set up community projects, murals and weekly creative workshops for 6 years she felt the call to return to her own painting in 2018. 

Now painting from her home studio near Falmouth she spends her time fascinated capturing the secret places of Cornwall- soaking up the light and moods of the changing landscape.

Hidden Footsteps Through The Sea is Rachel''s first exhibition with the gallery 

'There’s something humbling peering into a wide-open landscape confronted by the echoing vastness of the water as it meets the horizon. Only watching the emerging details appear once you’ve made the first few curious steps in.'

It’s that sense of discovery and wonder into the unexplored Rachel wants to capture in her paintings. Trading footsteps for spirited brushstrokes and washes of luminous colour she transforms these landscapes into melodies of colour and texture that sing into the void ahead toward the horizon.

As a gateway, Rachel sees her paintings as invitations to step into more beauty and confidence, a song to fill the ‘to-be-written’ parts of your story.