Rachael Kinmond

 Private view:  27 August  18:00-20:00

Exhibition:  24 August - 24 September 2022
12:00-18:00 Wednesday - Saturday


Rachael’s main body of work is inspired by the shapes of landscapes, natural contours of the local area in Cornwall and experimental, site-specific responses. She uses colour, texture and form to create layers of thick acrylic paint to show depth, creating gestural marks to represent the natural contours of the landscapes and bright vibrant paints to draw attention to the natural beauty of the local landscape. Rachael is currently experimenting with mark making, immediately responding in situ and playing with colour.

Rachaels’ exhibition combines a collection of her most poignant pieces that represent her practice, some pieces were created during her studio residency at the Gallery; alongside some new and unseen works.

About Rachael

After completing her Masters in Fine Art in January 2021 Rachael began painting during
lockdown to continue her experimental, immersive practice. Rachael uses the natural beauty of Cornwall to inspire her works, sharing her vivid and vibrant views of Cornish Landscapes. More recently she has been practising responding immediately during site-specific locations to inform her practice, using the ever-changing colours and forms of the landscapes to inspire her paintings.

Rachael has exhibited nationally and internationally throughout her artistic career. She studied her BA at Falmouth gaining a First Class Honours Degree and was awarded the ‘Outstanding Studentship Award’ for her studies. Rachael has collaborated with artists, ran workshops and has a string of exhibitions and events lined up for the coming months. She is creating traction with her current practice and thoroughly enjoying the challenge of a new medium.

Rachaels website
Insta: @kraftykinmond