Adrian Holmes - Asa Gohan exhibition

Asa Gohan is Adrian's first show with Terrace gallery. 

'Asa Gohan is the Japanese for Breakfast'

Adrian has been working on this series of still life woodblock prints throughout lockdown, taking his inspiration from a fascination with both Sosaku Hanga (Japanese creative print movement) and the Naïve art movements. Adrian aims to pay homage to these two significant art genres through a lively collection of wonky fruit-based woodblock prints. 

 "This is still very much an evolving body of work. I want the work to be playful, bold and unassuming. I love the honesty of both primitive and naive arts, and this is key to shaping my work. I am committed to the spontaneous, and let the paper and plate control the decisions. This unformatted and intuitive style of working fascinates me, and in turn, offers me a chance to play which is essential to creativity.

Adrian's naturally cheery, lighthearted work is perfect for inducing a moment of respite from these dark times and hopefully will bring a smile or two to the faces of its admirers.

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