Our Suppliers

Mizzle and Haze

Stock a wide range of interior furnishings and beautiful household products.




Snowbunting was launched in 2017 in order to provide a haven for those of you with a love of vases, a penchant for planters, and for whom the phrase 'what's the point of a cushion?' causes palpitations.  They love products that have a bit of personality - they may be quirky in appearance, have an interesting background, or just inspire joy.




Amelia Frances has a lifelong passion and respect for the ocean, the designs are inspired by its power, beauty and wilderness. 

​By using a mixture of hand collected and cultured sea glass, each piece is a timeless design which can be treasured and worn time after time, always allowing you to keep a piece of the ocean close to your soul.

Yemaya is proud to be a UK business donating 5% of all profits to UK marine conservation projects. If you have a local project that you feel needs some support please get in touch! 



Sinead silver

Sawing, hammering, flaming and shaping are some of the sounds and sights that you will see and hear in her studio based at the fabulous Krowji creative space in the heart of Cornwall. There are a lot of techniques and tools used in the creation of her jewellery which is all handmade in her studio. 



Beach Heart Cornwall

Beautiful beach related gifts handmade in Cornwall in Nicky's small studio

A collection of beautiful, one of kind pieces of pottery lovingly made so that no two pieces are the same. She starts by rolling out ceramic clay by hand and then cuts and form each piece. The clay is then fired twice in her kiln - first is the bisque firing. Once cooled I paint it using pottery glazes and then it's fired again to produce the final finish piece.

All of her pieces have a beach theme as she is inspired by the Cornish seascape from the rugged windswept North coast to the quieter coves and harbours of the South coast. NIcky grew up in Cornwall and after 30 years away has been lucky enough to return to follow my dream.



The WoodMarshall

An ex graduate of Falmouth School of Art Chris has always been creative and has now turned his hand to crafting beautiful wooden bowls. Still in Cardiff at the moment he is desperate to return to the Cornish coast where he is happiest.