A photgraphy double bill

Why, why, why is photography so underrated? Yes, most of us can take a great shot on our i-phones but the average person in the street cannot create what the two masters of photography, Ross Van Nairn and Tony Hopewell have graced our walls with this month. Rarely found in galleries we have been privileged to showcase such fantastic samples of abstract photography paying homage to the unique Cornish sea and landscapes.

Ross works with a variety of lenses and slow shutter speeds to create his stunning abstract seascapes of the Cornish coast. His interest in the sea began with the annual trip to Cornwall with his parents. Many years later his love for the area is still going strong and Ross now travels extensively across Cornwall to find inspiration for his work. Originally a graphic designer and illustrator working in the advertising sector for many years he has now packed it all in to follow his love of creating abstract seascapes.

Tony by contrast has specialised in creating layer upon layer of gathered landscape images in the post production for his latest collection - Time Passages - an extension of his first Terrace Gallery exhibition Evidence of Unknown Journeys.  Both exhibitions focus on the representation of time as expressed through collaged landscapes. Conflating time, space and memory to create a series of aggregated responses to journeys made on foot. Each final image is a composite, built from many images taken during his journeys on foot through the local landscape.

Both unique exhibitions have created quiet a storm and received some worthy comments which reflect the talent of these two experienced photographers.

Tony Hopewell's exhibition runs until the 5th of March and both of collections by these masters of photography will stay in our online gallery for a further 6 months...




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