What's happening in 2023…

Well, it's a new year and we sneakily had a month off after a busy last year to reorganise the gallery and get ready for our new tenants on the upper floors.

A new blue stripe now divides the gallery to emphasise the artwork on the walls, new shelving to host our ever-growing collection of books by local authors and Sam, our gallery manager, is now a permanent fixture in the gallery shop. On hand to help you discover more about our monthly exhibitions, artists and authors, Sam knows a wide range of creatives and can match your needs with local makers or artists if you have a special commission in mind.

We open in February with the stunning contemporary serpentine sculptures of Don Taylor. Hand carved and polished, Don, aims to complement the established Lizard turners and shapes each piece by hand, eye, soul, and sometimes by foot. Mainly extracted from hidden coves his base pieces once found are taken to a secret field where they are shaped with unpredictable aplomb giving each piece an unreplicable uniqueness. Don works as sustainably as possible and respects the flora and fauna of all the areas he visits to source his stone, treading as lightly as possible upon the earth.

If you haven’t already popped in to admire the unique colours and shapes of Don’s sculptures, they will be on show until Saturday the 4th of March, after which they will be on our website for the next five months until the end of July - not that we expect to have any left by then.

March will see a change of stock as we match our selection of gifts, jewellery and book covers to complement the colour schemes of the gorgeous artwork of Liane Stevenson. Liane's exhibition will be followed by:

Maggie Cochrane:  05 - 29 April
Jon Evison:  03 - 20 May
Lee Kellgren & Derek Hayes: 24 May - 17 June
Louise Banks: 21 June - 15 July
Les Trewin: 19 July - 13 August
Hazel Mcnab: 16 August - 09 September
Heather McAlpine: 13 Sept ember - 07 October
Lyndsey Vowell: 11 October - 04 November
Colin Meir:  06 November - 02 December
And we finish the year with the amazing  Imogen bone: 06 December - 12 January

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