Four years - wow how did that happen!

We reopen this year (2024) with a short exhibition by one of our founders - Dave Pentin - to celebrate our fourth year selling local contemporary arts and crafts.
Feeling lucky to survive not only COVID but the current economic recession we've decided to mark our anniversary with a celebration on the 28th of February to honour all our past and future artists and suppliers by raising a glass or two of the bubbly stuff.

Our year ahead boasts a wide range of local artists exhibitions with primarily new artists work gracing the walls of the gallery. It's very exciting to draw on such local talent and aligns perfectly with our ambition to showcase the work of the many artists who find it hard to showcase their work in a gallery situation.

Kirsten Basram kicks off our 2024 exhibition schedule on the 13th of  March for a month. A contemporary artist who uses a range of media, Kirsten paints and draws intuitively, both from sketches made in the landscape and her responses to what the paint or pencil are doing on the paper in her studio. She then refines and composes as the work reveals itself, using layers of colour and subtle textures. 

Contemporary landscape artists David Crimmen follows on April 17th with Alli Marshall on May 08th and Amanda Slade on 29th May.

Abstract artist Roberta Hopkins will be exhibiting on the 26th June  followed by Angela Herbert-Hodges on the 24th of July.

Our lovely ex-resident Dawn Dance joins us in August (21st) and the autumn / winter season is marked with exhibition by Colin Brown (18th September),  Aimee Willcock (16th October), Minnie Macnaughton  (13th November) and last but not least, Falmouth based Victoria Gillows on the 2nd of December until we close for Christmas.

Most of our private views will take place on the first Saturday after the exhibition has opened from 5-7pm with the exception of Alli Marshall - 08th May and Colin Brown - 18th of September, all are welcome.

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