Ross Van Nairn

Private view: Saturday 29th Jan 18:00-20:00

Exhibition: 26th Jan - 5th Feb 2022
12:00-18:00 Wednesday- Saturday

Ross Van Nairn is an English artist and fine art photographer. Born in London close to the Thames, his fascination and love of water has always informed his work.

Ross's interest in the sea around Cornwall began with the annual trip he would make to the coast with his parents. Many years later his love for the area is still going strong — Ross now travels extensively across Cornwall to find inspiration for his work. 

Ross honed his skills at art school in London and gained a first in graphic design and illustration. He went on to work in the advertising industry but his heart was somewhere else — the urge to paint with oils and experiment with his camera proved irresistible, so he swapped his office chair for an easel and never looked back. His biggest influence has always been Turner, something that's clear to see from his abstract seascapes.

In this exhibition, Ross uses abstracted shapes and dramatic composition to heighten the movement, shape and form of the Cornish coast during storm season. Using ICM (intentional camera movement) to capture the innate dynamism of his subject, Ross then processes his chosen images using Lightroom and Photoshop. You might be surprised to hear that he often takes as many as 500 shots before he finds the one that will eventually become the finished piece!