If only Christmas was this Scandi

It was like Christmas all over again this week at the gallery. Only far better as everything in the boxes we received contained objects on my wishlist. Unfortunately, all the gorgeous glassware, pottery and silverware I unpacked this week was not for me. It was stock for the gallery, sent by the amazing Mel at Snowbunting and fantastic Bex at Mizzle & Haze.

Both of these lovely people run successful online home accessory / small gift websites and have agreed to stock the small retail area in the gallery. It's an experiment for all of us and one which will hopefully be fruitful.

Snowbunting is a haven for anyone with a love of vases, has a penchant for planters, and for whom the phrase 'what's the point of a cushion?' would cause palpitations. Mel, the talented buyer behind the Scandi-inspired website, particularly loves products that have a bit of personality and quirkiness, particularly anything with an interesting backstory that evokes emotion. Her ethos is to keep things small and source exciting products at a reasonable cost to her customers. 

Mizzle and Haze offer very similar accessories with a slight difference which echoes the talent of the buyer. A young interior design apprentice Bex's experience comes from a more commercial background, and her stock possesses a neutrality that will sit comfortably in any home. 

A massive fan of repurposed concrete, copper accents, and Scandi colour schemes it's going to be very difficult to stop myself buying all the stock before it even reaches the gallery! Hopefully, our visitors will feel the same about their gorgeous range of home accessories which at the moment are exclusive to Penryn.

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