Staying positive on our birthday

Today marks a memorable day in our calendar as The Terrace Gallery has now been trading for a whole year!! We would love to say that our doors have been open for an entire year, but that’s not entirely true, as the lockdown will have shaved off seven months from our calendar by the time we reopen in April. 

This last stretch has been the toughest, as we haven’t celebrated our achievement with any of our lovely supporters. Determined not to miss out, we have devised a cunning plan to hold an official first birthday party over the bank holiday weekend in August!

Even though six of our exhibitions were limited to online viewing only, we are immensely proud of the variety of work we have exhibited. And we like to think that our window display has brought some respite to those whose movements have restricted to Penryn.

Ella Carty’s stunning drawings and paintings inspired by the rock pools of St Ives brought a remembered sense of adventure to the gallery window at the start of the first lockdown. Memories bubbled back into our consciousness of hours spent innocently hunting natural treasures amongst the seaweed. 

Jon White brought his memories of the north Cornish coastline that he couldn’t access during the restrictions. And Nicky Moseley brought a sense of stillness to the gallery amid the chaos of August. Andrew Barrowman reflected on the waterside beauty of the south coast just before the second lockdown in November, which stayed with many of us as once again we were forced indoors.

The boldness of Ashley Hanson’s vibrant paintings were a natural tonic. They blew away the anxiety that had been building surrounding Christmas and did wonders to raise everyone’s spirits for many of us.

Robyn Weldon’s gorgeous seascapes came just in time to pull us out of our February blues, and Anthony Hopewell’s fascinating photographs have given us a renewed energy to explore the areas close at hand while we still have the chance.

We feel lucky to have been inspired by all of these talented artists, and we hope you have been too…

Ella and Jon will be back this summer to exhibit alongside many other talented Cornish Artists - check out our 2021 schedule

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