Keep Calm and Create

In these uncertain times, when stuck at home, make use of the great gift of time you have been given and create.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to take a step back from your busy life to do something constructive. Our studio artists are doing just that. With no distractions from social get-togethers or events, they have immersed themselves in their passion. The paints are out. The canvases are prepped. And their minds are filling with positive, inspirational ideas.

Mentally the last few weeks have been tough on everyone. It's easy to lose perspective when you have no routine, and some people feel adrift with no safety net. Setting yourself a goal is an excellent way of challenging your mind and making time pass quickly. All those thoughts of what has been, or what is coming can be put aside. Whether your natural creative outlet is music, writing, sculpting, quilt making, batik or painting, now is the time to reconnect with what you enjoy.

Art is just one of the creative outlets that can help people explore emotion. Whether it is created or only observed, art is fantastic for lowering stress levels. You don't need to be a Master of Art to appreciate art, and you don't need to have qualifications to create it. Your tools can be as expensive or as cheap as you please. You can collage, colour, draw, paint or sculpture with an abundance of materials. You can collect items from nature, your home or the office. Sketchbooks can be made from scraps of paper or brought from shops, it makes no difference. You can keep your work to yourself or show others. You don't even need to have any artistic ability.

Gaining inspiration can be a stumbling block for some. If you have access to a computer, you can find images that inspire you, take virtual tours of museums or follow online tutorials. Glyn Macey, a mixed media from Marazion, has generously offered everyone currently stuck at home the chance to tap into his online tutorials for FREE. With seventy full tutorials to choose from, that's a lot of inspiration!

Another generous local artist, Eve Bourrat, who runs mixed media workshops at the gallery as well as Sketch Club Falmouth, has found another way to inspire her dedicated followers. Her weekly briefs for her regular drop-in sketching sessions are now sent by email to encourage everyone who usually attends to keep creating.

Although all our own creative events have been cancelled, we are going to fill our window space with beautiful artwork to inspire everyone to start creating themselves.

We would like to showcase anything you make, paint or create during your time at home on our dedicated web page. The only restrictions are that your photos have to be in a jpeg format (under 2mb) they to have been created during the #stayathome crisis, and submissions are limited to one piece per person per month. Send your photos to us info@terracegallery with a little description/story and your web address if you have one.
Go crazy and create!!!...

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