A little help to make our business succeed...

It’s so lovely being part of a small community. And we are super lucky to be not only a part of a physical community in Penryn but also a few virtual online communities. The support we have received, particularly from fellow artists has been outstanding and little by little the word is spreading about what we do and where we are.

In little over seven months, we have nearly reached a thousand followers on Instagram, almost four hundred followers on Facebook and just over a hundred followers on Twitter. It’s thanks to the great team behind us that our social presence is so well managed.

A bigger virtual presence has also spotlighted the gallery and brought in customers to our little retail shop within the gallery where were we sell small gifts, jewellery, home decor items, candles, cards and prints form our exhibitors. As anyone who runs a retail business is aware, it’s not always plain sailing and requires a highly organised team to run effectively. 

So it has been a wonderful reward to receive two fantastic reviews this month. And like busses, they both came at almost at the same time.


The first arrived on 24th July...

A beautiful gallery with a range of arts and crafts. Very reasonably priced and some fantastic gift ideas. The owner was friendly and helpful, and it felt very comfortable to browse and enjoy the space. Excellent.


The second was written by a customer who purchased some of Amelia’s lovely silver jewellery on the 25th July…

A beautiful shop in the heart of Penryn high street. If Penryn had more shops like this, it would bring this lovely area alive again. Thank you for the silver shell earrings, and I will spread the word to friends about the gallery.

Good reviews are essential for any business. With so many options and so much diversity particularly in the retail business, word of mouth recommendations is the most trustworthy source of advice. Which is why it is so lovely that our customers were impressed enough to take the time out to write about us without any prompting on our behalf.

Of course, we are lucky to have a gallery manager who not only has an excellent eye for art, design experience and curator training, who also loves the work in our exhibitions and helps choose the lovely stock in our little shop. Friendly, knowledgeable staff make such a difference, and great service, as well as quality products, help a business succeed further. 

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