A splash of festive colour

A splash of colour and some wild broad strokes enticed visitors in for our popular weekly late night shopping events in December. Of course the smell of mulled wine and home made Christmas spiced biscuits played a part too.

It was a lovely end to a year of some great exhibitions. As with Helen Trevaskis in late November, Robyn Weldon had fallen victim to the retail closures at the beginning of the year. Fortunately we had a some wriggle room to change out schedule and squeeze them both in for postponed exhibitions.

It was such a privilege to finally shine a light on both of their work and spread news of their amazing talents over such a busy period of the year for us.

Both of Helen's and Robyn's work will remain in our online gallery until the summer of 2022, so take a peek and see why we think they are both so special...

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