Zed and the Cormorants
Clare Owen

Zed and the Cormorants

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Zed and the Cormorants
by Clare Owen

WINNER OF Holyer An Gof award in the YA category AND the Ann Trevenen Jenkin cup.

Zed and her family move unwillingly from London to Cornwall, in an attempt to support her mother’s mental health. Gradually the family fall apart, and it is only when Zed realises that the local cormorants are playing a part in the disasters that consume them, in revenge for an ancient wrong, that she and her sister, Amy, start working together to find a solution and call a truce.

A really haunting story – in more ways than one. I shall often think of those riverbanks, the birds, the town and the relationship between man and nature – it’s a clever weaving of history with contemporary issues. A compelling story, full of mystery and enchantment, and readers will love it, the perfect book to get lost in on a hot summer’s day. 

In the spirit of Joan Aiken, and just as Gothic, a roller coaster read which will haunt you!

Format: Paperback
Language:  English
Length: 184 pages
Publication date: 29 April 2021
Illustrated by Sally Atkins