Twelve Stories for Twelve Sections
Twelve Stories for Twelve Sections
Hermitage Press

Twelve Stories for Twelve Sections

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Twelve Stories for Twelve Sections
published by The Hermitage Press, COrnwall


These beautifully-illustrated stories have been inspired by Cornwall’s culture and heritage, but there is one source of inspiration that arguably sits above all others – the Cornish landscape. In the spirit of Cornwall’s storytelling tradition, Cornwall National Landscape brings an anthology of wonderful stories by 12 of Cornwall’s most gifted authors inspired by the 12 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) that make up the protected landscape in Cornwall. Taking you on a journey across Cornwall, from Hartland in the North to West Penwith in the deep south, these diverse stories – comic, dark, deep, tragic, human – will ultimately make you want to pull on your walking boots and set off to encounter the epic beauty of the Cornish landscape face-to-face.

Cornwall National Landscape (AONB) is unique in that it is a single designation made up of twelve separate sections. This project commissioned writers based in Cornwall to create short stories situated in the protected landscape. Each writer was guided through their assigned section and given creative freedom to let their imagination weave a narrative. This collection showcases the cultural heritage of the protected landscape to inspire, connect and engage with audiences from Cornwall, and beyond.

01 Hartland Giggling in my Jar – Gareth Rees

02 Pentire Point to Widemouth  Survival Tips – Jane Pugh

03 The Camel Estuary Trading Places – Polly Roberts

04 Carnewas to Stepper Point The Returners – Annamaria Murphy

05 St Agnes Perran in the Sands – Emma Timpany

06 Godrevy to Portreath Little Lights – Clare Howdle

07 West Penwith The Coffin Path – C.M. Davis

08 South Coast Western Now is the time for us to Rise from Sleep –  Cathy Rentzenbrink

09 South Coast Central Lone Cypress – Philip Marsden

10 South Coast Eastern The Incidents – Wyl Menmuir

11 Rame Head  The Back Prince – Edward Rowe

12 Bodmin Moor The Monkey in the Woodshed – Luke Thompson


Print length: 196 pages
Language: English
Publication date: March 2024