Three Roads
Three Roads
Emma Timpany

Three Roads

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Three Roads
by Emma Timpany

A collection of fourteen short stories.

How do the choices we make, willingly or not, define us?

A young man working in a menial job finds a way to grow closer to a lost love. A long-married couple’s relationship is tested by the arrival of a rare bird. With the benefit of hindsight, a woman recalls a childhood episode of acute appendicitis. An outing to a plant nursery brings simmering family tensions explosively to the surface. Two walkers on a beach, unused to the suddenness of a tropical nightfall, lose their way. The chance to grow flowers in a Cornish field brings two strangers together, allowing them both a chance to heal.

The characters in these stories find themselves at a crossroads: for better or for worse, their lives are about to change. In settings that range from Cornwall’s hidden valleys to the grey, gold, and green of Paris in spring, from Central Otago’s alpine lakes to the Milky Way’s river of light, come bids for freedom, transformations, and another chance to get things right.

Language:  English

Publication date: 4 April 2022
Published by: Red Squirrel Press