The Bycatch Principle
Kath Morgan

The Bycatch Principle

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The Bycatch Principle (Paperback - First Edition ) 
By Kath Morgan

On a lonely moor, an isolated security complex hides a dirty secret. After six years of being held captive without charge, fifteen-year-old David Jessop is forced to make a desperate strike for freedom. Somebody wants to hide the truth. Somebody wants him dead. Just what is the Unit? In order to survive, David must discover why the Unit exists and the real reason he was taken away all those years ago. Alone and on the run, he needs answers. Fast.

Praise for The Bycatch Principle
Charlie Carroll, author of The Lip: ‘A high-octane thriller that grips and wrenches at the heart.’
Roz Watkins, author of The Red House: ‘An original, thought-provoking and gripping read.’

Publisher: ‎Hermitage Press  (2023)