A Degree of Uncertainty
Nicola K Smith

A Degree of Uncertainty

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A Degree of Uncertainty
by Nicola K Smith

A Cornish town is slowly fracturing under the weight of its growing university…

Prominent businessman, Harry Manchester will not stand by and see his beloved hometown turned into a student ghetto — and many residents and students are relying on him.

But Harry’s stance sets him on a collision course with Dawn Goldberg, formidable Vice Chancellor of Poltowan University, who is set on doubling its size and cementing her career legacy.

As Harry’s marriage falls apart, his business comes under threat, and fellow traders accuse him of halting progress, Dawn is battling her own demons, not least the need to live up to her late father’s expectations and erase the memory of his tragic death.

There can only be one victor in this battle for the soul of a close-knit community…

”I raced through this - a great read.”

”Very well written and intriguing. Will there be a sequel?”

“Full of amusing interludes that fit the story perfectly.”

“I really liked the character progression - I feel like you could have a book two in there…"

“I loved the flawed characters.”

“I really love the descriptive writing.”

“This will make a great book club novel.”

“I can’t wait to be able to share it with others”

Print length: 336 pages
Language: English
Publication date: 20 Nov. 2019
Dimensions: 12.85 x 1.93 x 19.84 cm