Unexpected Beginnings
Lamorna Ireland

Unexpected Beginnings

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Unexpected Beginnings
by Lamorna Ireland

Life has not been kind to Emily Miller. A past she can’t shake, a complicated medical condition and now the threat of eviction from her poky Brooklyn flat. Emily finds herself constantly backed into a corner. To top it all off, she’s being demoted from her loving position as Case Team Leader at Blake & Co Business Consultancy to being an assistant for her workplace crush, Mark Trengrouse. She soon finds there’s some benefit to this on a venture to London, but when she accidentally gives away Mark’s whereabouts to his somewhat estranged family, she suddenly finds herself on the move again, on an unexpected adventure to Cornwall.

Trengrouse Cider Farm has crafted the finest Cornish cider for generations, but the death of the father has left the eldest son Tom Trengrouse fighting to keep it afloat. His festering anger to his brother’s betrayal leaves him bitter and isolated, and Mark’s unexpected return opens old wounds and new doors.

Emily soon discovers that she’s not the only one with a dark past, and wounds to heal, and soon takes comfort in the warmth of their big hearts and the kitchen AGA. With a looming deadline waiting for her back in Brooklyn and a wedding day of dramas to contend with, Emily quickly realises she hadn’t known the meaning of complicated.

Length: 251 pages
Language: English
Published: 08 Apr 2020