The Fortunicity of Birdie Dalal
Claire Duende

The Fortunicity of Birdie Dalal

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The Fortunicity of Birdie Dalal
by Claire Duende 

A beguiling street boy in a Kampala market. An innocent victim reaching out in despair. What do they mean to Birdie and how can she help when her own life is being torn down around her?

When Birdie and her family are thrown out of Uganda by the tyrant Idi Amin they lose everything. London seems cold and inhospitable. The future looks bleak.

But then an unexpected invitation to a weekend in the country arrives from Jack’s old Cambridge University friends and life starts to look up. Birdie resolves to succeed in her new life - until a disturbing incident brings back echoes from Amin’s reign of terror and Birdie needs to make choices.

A poignant tale following Birdie’s journey from her comfortable life in 1970s Uganda to a new beginning in England, and the lessons she learns about kindness and hope along the way.

Format: Softcover
Language:  English
Length: 288 pages
Publication date: 1 April 2020