The Broken Air
The Broken Air
Theresa-Marie Smith

The Broken Air

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The Broken Air
by Lucinda Hart

Twenty years ago, a tragic death shattered the lives of Emily Knight and her family. Now in her mid-thirties, Emily has moved back to her home of The Lizard and the family-owned, clifftop caravan park where she was raised. However, her return is bittersweet as the past and the present blur into one coloured stream of memories, ghostly figures, the words of her dead brother, and the secret Emily has kept from her parents.

In the present day, Emily wants to finally heal and have her own family. But no matter how much she tries to forget the past, it inevitably circles back to splinter her life in ways she never thought possible, taking her back to that fateful day on the moody clifftop, the sound of the foghorn always fresh in her mind.

Told in spellbinding narratives, The Broken Air is an evocative and intricate story of family, friendship, loss, tragedy, and self-healing, set along the wildly beautiful Cornish coast.

Format: Paperback
Language:  English
Length: 332 pages
Publication date: 22 June 2022
Size: 13.97 x 2.13 x 21.59 cm