St Ives Red Velvet
Kieran Brimson

St Ives Red Velvet

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St Ives Red Velvet
by Kieran Brimson

40 x 50cm

In St Ives Red Velvet, I captured the iconic view of this seaside town taken from the Malakoff, during what transpired to be one of the most breath-taking sunsets I have ever photographed.

The deep red of the sky reflected strikingly on the water and across the entire scene. As darkness descended, the lights of the town gave a soft evening glow to the foreground.

The strong sky presented a photographic challenge in striking the balance between making the scene dark enough to stop the colours bleaching out, whilst preventing everything else in the picture other than the sky from becoming too dark and unworkable. A short shutter speed helped to capture the bold colour and smooth the surface of the sea.

St Ives Red Velvet is an example of fine art Cornish landscape photography at its most vibrant.

*Certificate of authenticity included