Snow Dodging
Snow Dodging
Mark Newham

Snow Dodging

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Snow Dodging
by Mark Newham

Had enough of suffering through winter? Crippled by soaring heating costs? Begun thinking of spending it on going somewhere warmer for the coldest months of the year? You're not alone. Thousands like you are doing just that and Mark Newham is no exception.

Mark's quest for the perfect refuge from winter goes back twenty years and resulted in a bulging folder of his findings. Carefully curated and written in an upbeat manner 'Snow-Dodging for Umpteenagers', is a travel advisory/memoir written specifically for people about to embark on, their own quest for a winter sanctuary like no other.

This ultimate guide offers some invaluable advice to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes Mark made on his quest for the perfect winter paradise...

Print length: 256 pages
Language: English
Publication date: 12 Dec. 2022

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