Pedn Vounder Gold Coast
Kieran Brimson

Pedn Vounder Gold Coast

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Pedn Vounder Gold Coast
by Kieran Brimson

50 x 40cm

Sunrise is a prime time to notice interesting changes in landscapes as heat is gradually injected into the day. I was photographing the sunrise at Pedn Vounder, angled towards Logan’s Rock, when I noticed the rising sea mists coming from the rugged coast.

The spray generated by the sea as it hit the rocks was sending a thin, misty vapour up the cliff face which was shrouded in pale golden light. The low position of the morning sun creates a magnificent backlight that shows the detailed layers of the rock and the imposing shadows they cast, so that the overall effect is quite magical, with a fantasy feel to the scenery.

What makes Pedn Vounder Gold Coast so special, is that it looks so different to my usual coastal photography, and many would never guess this was taken in the UK.

*Certificate of authenticity included