My Best Friend is a Pig
Julia French

My Best Friend is a Pig

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My Best Friend is a Pig 
By Julia French

Eleven-year-old Keri-Ann Laurel doesn’t join in or mix with the girls in her class. It’s not her intention; she just doesn’t share the same interests, which makes her different in their eyes. She’s also very smart, and they consider her teacher’s pet, so she regularly suffers the taunts of the class joker, Chris. She certainly wouldn’t give them further ammunition by exposing her secret. Only her family and her one and only friend Jocey are aware of it. She spends most of her spare time in her ‘happy place,’ a local farm. Animals are an escape, a joy, and a comfort, but her real obsession is pigs.

Keri is a “neat freak with a pig fixation,” according to her older brother, who is the exact opposite. Her dream of having one of her very own becomes a reality with the arrival of an adorable little piglet. However, there’s a terrifying thief in the village who’s stealing much-loved family pets, so to keep hers safe, she hatches a plan. But with that challenge comes a major change to Keri’s well-ordered life. It occurs in a way she never thought possible, to the point that she recognises she, too, has become a slob, just like her older brother.

This is a story of achieving your goals, however difficult they may be, and of taking responsibility. It looks at having confidence and belief in yourself even if you don’t fit in or feel different because everyone does. It’s about making and enjoying new friendships. Most of all, it deals with appreciating family because they will always be there to support you, even an irritating older brother.

Reading age: 9 - 12 years
Print length: 146 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.94 x 17.78 cm
Publication date: 15 Dec. 2023