Mordardh: surf poetry
Mordardh: surf poetry
Ella Walsworth-Bell

Mordardh: surf poetry

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Morvoren: the poetry of sea swimming
By Ella Walsworth-Bell

From the creators of Morvoren: the poetry of sea swimming comes a fresh new poetry anthology. Mordardh, Cornish for breaking wave, explores surfing and what it means to surfers living in Cornwall.

With photography by Alice Bray, this collection is curated by Ella Walsworth-Bell. Authors are: Fi Read, Morag Smith, Hannah Temme, Kerry Vincent, Ulrike Duran Bravo, Kate Barden, and Megan Chapman.

‘This anthology picked me up and carried me like my first wave, it spoke of fear, devotion and love. Most powerfully, it spoke of the sea in all her moods, words written by women for whom waves form the sometimes roaring, sometimes gentle, rhythm of their lives.’Mike Lay, Editor of Wavelength surf magazine

Number of pages: 89 pages
Publisher : ‎Cornwall Writers 2023)