Matt and Pandora
Matt and Pandora
Cathy Mayes

Matt and Pandora

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Matt and Pandora
by Cathy Mayes

Horses and ponies are the most majestic, intuitive and beautiful animals. They will become trusted companions and the best of friends when cared for and loved. Their strength and power will always be more than ours, and yet, if we treat them well, and ride with compassion, they can become putty in our hands.

Over the years, Cathy has found that horses and ponies want to please, and they want to have fun. They have their fears, as we all do, and sometimes they catch us off guard when they are frightened by something. As riders, we need to be vigilant, be constantly aware of our riding position and be observant of our animals' behaviour.

Through this story, you will witness a very special bond develop between Matt and Pandora. Some of the tips and hints included may help you with your own experiences. Perhaps you are looking to buy a horse or a pony for your child and may enjoy hearing about our experiences. Or maybe you will simply enjoy witnessing this relationship develop between a young boy and his young pony.

Format: Softcover
Language:  English
Length: 60 pages
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers
Publication date: 29 Jan. 2021