Have you seen Joe? The sequel
R.T.J. Hockin

Have you seen Joe? The sequel

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Have You Seen Joe? The Sequel
by R.T.J. Hockin

Barely cooled off from last summer's adventure, Joe and his friends, Billie and Zack are looking forward to the May half-term break. They are eager to take advantage of the pleasant summer weather by doing fun activities like pier jumping, surfing and kayaking, but fate has different ideas for them.

It's a deja vu moment for the three friends when they find themselves thrown into another dangerous adventure! Once again the oldest resident of the village, Tom Tregenza, who is also their friend, is part of the mystery. Joining them this time is one of the newest members of the village, Serena.

When Zack stumbles upon what appears to be an old submarine compass, thus begins a new adventure. Can Joe and his friends stop Nazi bombers from blowing their village into smithereens and right the wrongs of old Tom's past?

Children's paperback book
Pages: 158