Cornwall Misfits Curiosities and Legends
Various Authors

Cornwall Misfits Curiosities and Legends

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Cornwall Misfits Curiosities and Legends
by various Cornish Authors

Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends, sparkles with surprises and entertainment. Action shifts between land and sea; locals and newcomers; from times past to times beyond time in a rich variety of stories - of different genres, time periods and moods.

Wade Beneath The Waves by Emily Charlotte Ould
Drowning Horses by Philip S Rollason
Barnacle Bill by Caroline Palmer
Waiting by Anita D Hunt
The Dance of the Stones by David Allkins
Ms Fitt's Lament by Angela Fitt
Flecks of Gold by Stephen Baird
A Cornish Rant by Anita D Hunt
The White Ermine by Froshie Evans
There is Copper in Abundance by Ulrike Duran
A Spell in Cornwall by Claudia Loveland
Stargazy Pie in the Sky by Pen King
Little Bear by T J Dockree
After the Daccarien Accord by John Evident
Nixie's Quest by Angela Evron
Knights On A Train by T J Dockree
By Any Other Name by Joshua Copus-Oxland
The Teddy Bear's Emporium by Rachel Fitch

A collection of Short Stories
Language: English
Pages: 194