Cornish Storytelling Cards
Cornish Storytelling Cards
Cornish Storytelling Cards

Cornish Storytelling Cards

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Cornish Storytelling Cards of magical tales illustrated y artists from Cornwall


Mazed is a collection of the traditional tales of East Cornwall, retold in ways old and new. Nearly 90 tales from East Cornwall are told on a selection of illustrated cards.

The tales tell of witches and wreckers on the wild north coast, saints and mermaids on the sheltered south, giants on the high moor and everywhere piskies playing. 

In the past, these stories would have been told by wandering droll storytellers, sung in ballad form by balladeers and then told by anyone and everyone around the fire on a cold winter's night.

Mazed celebrates the droll tellers and the folklorists who collected their tales, and the places where the tales belong. It breathes new life to old tales, telling them in illustrations to scatter the stories back across Cornwall like the winds stirred by the old storm woman on Bodmin Moor.

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