A Mossy Dreaming
A Mossy Dreaming
Trix Robertson

A Mossy Dreaming

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A Mossy Dreaming
by Trix Robertson and Miranda La Mutanta

Mossy Crow has come together to create another Mossy Adventure with the characters of Peony and Maude as they embark on a quest into the brightest and darkest parts of the Mossy realm.

The second printed book, A Mossy Dreaming, is about two siblings and how they use their gifts to overcome obstacles and bring their dreams to reality in a wonderful collaboration. As always, Mossy acts as a guide along the way, entrancing and enticing us to join her on this wonderful quest.

Pre-order your copy of A Mossy Dreaming for delivery by 20th January, and come along on this marvellous Mossy adventure!

The gorgeously imaginative beautifully illustrated book is a lovely story of two sisters separated by the jealousy of each other's talents until disaster strikes and they become bonded by an accidental discovery... The Writers Collective March 2022


Published 2022
40 pages
high quality.