Fijke Middendorp - A beautiful morning and other stories

A beautiful morning and other stories.

For Fijke, creating work is like life, it involves accepting where she is one step at a time. While creating these images she was in her darkest lockdown of the pandemic. When she started creating this exhibition the work started flowing and to her surprise, she found it the most uplifting body of work she has made so far. 

All of the pieces are short stories, about love and longing. As are most of her drawings and prints. These pieces represent her Lockdown Dreams, so she has called the exhibition - A beautiful morning, and other stories - as it was like waking up with hope for the future.

Fijke makes work on paper, using the printing press. She sometimes incorporates collagraph and lino print techniques but most of my works are monoprints created on the bed of the press. The printmaking process is another piece of her magic; every print is a surprise and yet they often capture just what she wants to say.