Nettle  Revolution
Nettle  Revolution
Nettle  Revolution
Nettle  Revolution
Nettle  Revolution
Jane Gray

Nettle Revolution

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Jane Gray produces beautiful, sustainable biophilic designs to raise awareness of the natural world and our environment.

Sustainability and upcycling are at the very heart of her work - both in her use of found materials and her work with nettle fibre. Her woven pieces are a poetic ‘ode to nature’; their simplicity reflects the beauty of the natural world and seeks to heal our disconnect with nature. Weaving her stories into these fragile and delicate pieces reflects her deep love of the Cornish coastal environment. 

Nettles produce hollow fibres - ideal as an insulating sustainable weaving yarn which has been in use since the Bronze Age.  

Nettles grow prolifically and can thrive anywhere, with little need for water or pesticides and they can be worn, consumed and even used as medicine. Many common garden butterflies, such as Red Admiral, Comma and Small Tortoiseshell, lay eggs on stinging nettles which provide a habitat for many other insects.

Jane weaves with Himalayan Allo nettles sourced directly from Pokhara, Nepal where the long tradition of ethical production continues today. 

We only carry a small stock of Jane's work but more are available on her website

thin. short, 3 colour (blue, green & beige)  94 x13cm = £45

thin, long, 4 colours (blue, green, yellow, mauve) 240cm x 17cm- = £140

wide, long 3 colour (brown, green, beige ) 156cm x  28cm = £140