Kenny gets results
Mama Gordon

Kenny gets results

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Kenny gets results
by Sally Hobson and Mama Gordon

Kenny is an extraordinary dog who lives between Kent and Hong Kong and has no problems hopping between the two.

Kenny has a very BIG heart and is very kind 
Kenny is also very mischievous and it often can get him into trouble!

In Hong Kong, Carla is expecting her ballet exam results but she has to wait a long time because it’s marked back in England. When Kenny hears this, he realises this is a job for a very smart dog! What adventures will he get into on the way?

The first in a planned series, Kenny Gets Results is all about this fun, big-hearted character who acts as a friend, carer, nuisance and a link to the extended family across the world. Sometimes he misbehaves, but he's brave, kind and very clever. Perfect for young children, Kenny is definitely worth getting to know!

All profits are going to The Children’s Literacy Charity