Cot Valley Heather
Kieran Brimson

Cot Valley Heather

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Cot Valley Heather
by Kieran Brimson

40 x 50cm

The Cornish coastline has an abundance of colourful flowering plants that can withstand the tough weather conditions that sweep in from the ocean. While I was sunset-searching in Cot Valley I noticed a blanket of purple bell heather covering the coastline close to the sea. I carefully climbed my way to a spot that I could nestle my camera close to the flowers while waiting for sunset.

Cornwall’s weather can change in an instant, and it was a very cloudy evening when, for a few minutes, the setting sun cut through a thin gap with a small burst of orange. I used a neutral density filter on my camera to increase the exposure and smooth out the clouds in the sky. I was rewarded by the beautiful silvery streaks of light that spread across the sky as the sun sank beneath the horizon.

The overall effect of this image is one of cool, calming colours. The smooth silver light, steely grey of the sea and cool purple of the heather make it a soft yet striking scene.

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