2022 Residents exhibition

Exhibition Dates : 04 May - 02 July 2022

Subsidised past and present resident artists Dave Pentin, Derek Hayes, Lee Kellgren and Maggie Cochranexhibited their latest collections of work on May 4th 2022.

This eclectic mix of paintings and prints is mostly inspired by the nearby landscapes where they live and sketch.

Dave Pentin is a design graduate of Falmouth School of Art, who loves to get his hands dirty experimenting with gum arabic & acrylic inks. After creating a stunning collection of Opes Dave has moved on to capturing the abstract beauty of harbour walls in Cornwall.

Lee Kellgren, formerly a printmaker specializing in limited-edition etchings, Lee has been exploring materials and styles to create a new collection based on the land and seascapes on the south Cornish coast.

Derek Hayes is an award-winning animator, currently teaching at Falmouth University, and an artist who likes to wrestle with the lessons of the great masters of Art. His latest collection is a mixture of prints and collages.

Maggie Cochran. In her paintings, Maggie aspires to recreate the feeling of being on the beach - the freedom, joy, energy, serenity, the awe of the sheer beauty, power and magnificence of the coastal landscape. Her abstracted technique allows her to capture a sense of timelessness in the movement of the tides and weather as they roll in and out of the scene adding a calm contemporary feel to her work..

A collection of prints, small originals and cards from each artist will also be available to purchase in the gallery.