Tony Hopewell exhibition 25th Feb 2021
Terrace Gallery

Tony Hopewell exhibition 25th Feb 2021

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Private view: 25th Feb 18:00-20:00
Exhibition: 25th Feb - 14th March
12:00-18:00 Thursday- Sunday

Anthony Hopewell has been a practising photographer and filmmaker since graduating in 1973, with first-class honours, from the renowned photography course at Trent Polytechnic (now Nottingham Trent University), where he studied with Thomas Joshua Cooper, Ray Moore, John Mulvaney and Paul Hill amongst others.

He was subsequently awarded an MA (with Distinction) from DMU.

Alongside his commercial work, Anthony has always been involved in both personal independent practice and in photographic education, teaching on various undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in the UK, since 2007 at Falmouth University in Cornwall.

Bridleways, Holloways and Tramways exhibition is Anthony's first show of work with The Terrace Gallery Cornwall

“Landscapes are culture before they are nature; constructs of the imagination projected onto wood and water and rock...once a certain idea of landscape,a myth, a vision,  establishes itself in an actual place, it has a peculiar way of muddling categories, of making metaphors more real than their referents; of becoming, in fact, part of the scenery.”  Simon Schama, Landscape and Memory.

Bridleways, Holloways and Tramways, recent photographs by Anthony Hopewell, shown here at the Terrace Gallery for the first time, is a body of work based on the notion of movement; both physical movement, forward through the eponymous tracks (these small-camera works are moments of stasis created whilst engaged in the act of walking), and backwards, evidenced through the intimate examination of the historical traces of our forbears.

Anthony’s practice is predicated on walking, and as such has a greater affinity with the work of Hamish Fulton and the writings of Iain Sinclair, Rebecca Solnit and Robert Macfarlane, than the more familiar photographic tropes of grandiose landscape photography.

His photographs in this exhibition are produced as pigment prints on delicate Japanese papers and are available in editions limited to 5.”