Sunbathing, red
Dorota Michalska

Sunbathing, red

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Sunbathing, red
by Dorota Michalska

oil on deep edge canvas
91.5 x 61cm (24 x 36")

Dorota, Orta as many people know here was born and educated in Poland but now lives in Truro, Cornwall. After graduating from art school in Łódź and master studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź she worked as a fashion and textile print designer for Polish high street retailers. She travelled with the job and learned the craft. and process. She worked as a freelance designer until she moved to England in 2011.

Her return to painting was a natural consequence of moving to Cornwall. She fell in love with the light. Her painting has a figurative, realistic background but inspirations come from impressionism and luminism as well as from nature itself.  Orta loves to explore the interaction of colour and light – the two things that describe the character of everything

After all her years of learning how to look and see, she paints because it reminds her who she is because art is what she is made for. It domesticates the world for her and keeps her going. It always has...

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