Paola Saraste


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by Paola Saraste
Oil on canvas
Size: 46x38 cm

Paola Saraste is an art school graduate from London, Bournemouth and Salisbury. She has participated in international group exhibitions and one solo exhibition.

Paola teaches drawing to international students on a voluntary basis. And her artwork has been featured in Envision Arts Magazine.

‘Elin’, aims to capture the moody and strange reality of the current COVID 19 outbreak.
The female character in the painting is unaware of whether she has this gloomy sickness or not. Her mask-like face and the tension in her neck reflects the inner torment of not knowing what has brought her into a state of gloom. The tone of her face also brings a symbolism to the painting which echoes the pain of her situation. 

Facebook: paola saraste

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