Milky Way at St Michael's Mount
Kieran Brimson

Milky Way at St Michael's Mount

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Milky Wat at St Michael's Mount
by Kieran Brimson

Taken during the new moon in July
40 x50 cm 

*Certificate of authenticity included

Research had led Kieran to believe that during the new moon period of early July, the Milky Way would become visible over the popular tourist attraction of St. Michael’s Mount in Marazion, Cornwall. Being a photographer in Cornwall, he has seen many photographs of St. Michael’s Mount and was determined to capture something special.

According to the legend, a giant named Cormoran lived on the mount. Tired of Cormoran stealing cows and sheep, a pit was dug on the island by a local boy named Jack, whilst the giant slept. In the early morning, Jack blew a horn to wake the giant. Disorientated and being blinded by the morning sun, Cormoran fell into the pit and died.

Capturing a magical moment at a magical location, with a unique legend attached to it, was very exciting for Kieran. And the variety of colours within this night scene makes this a beautiful image.