Godrevy Wave
Kieran Brimson

Godrevy Wave

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Godrevy Wave
by Kieran Brimson

Taken during storm Imogen in 2016
40 x50 cm 

*Certificate of authenticity included

Storm Imogen was in full force at the beginning of 2016, creating some amazing sights around Cornwall’s coastline.

Many people had gone to wave watch in places such as Sennen and Porthleven, however, Kieran wanted to see what was happening on the north coast, namely at Godrevy Lighthouse. After fighting his way against the wind he eventually managed to get into a good viewing spot, and along with his friend, they managed to tuck themselves in low against a wall, so they could hear themselves think!

With a telephoto lens, he wanted to emphasize the action of the waves as they crashed over the lighthouse. To see the waves dwarfing the small island as they do in this photograph, was a sight he will never forget.

To take each photograph, he had to raise his head up over the wall that was providing such excellent shelter, and face straight into the storm, capturing what he could as fast as he could with his numb hands.

Godrevy Wave is an image Kieran is very proud of because of the conditions he had to fight through to capture it.