Fijke Middendorp exhibition 9th March - 2nd April
Terrace Gallery

Fijke Middendorp exhibition 9th March - 2nd April

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Private view: 9th March 18:00-20:00

Exhibition: 9th March - 2nd April
12:00-18:00 Wednesday- Saturday

Before Fijke became an artist she was a GP, first in the Netherlands and then here, in Cornwall, where she moved to in 1998 after falling in love with the place, and a man.

Ten years ago she realised that her life needed a drastic change, so she quit her job and after a year or so Fijke did what she probably always had wanted to do but was afraid to admit it - she joined an art course at Cornwall College and fell in love with printmaking.

Although she had been dreaming of creating large abstract paintings, she found herself making small drawings that always had a narrative character. Her prints also slowly turned from abstract expressions to visual storytelling.

Fijke graduated with a BA in Contemporary Creative Practice and four years ago she joined the creative community at Krowji and bought her own printing press. Fijke gradually found her own printmaking language which is a fusion of different techniques like drypoint, stencils, printing directly from organic and manmade materials, and linocut. Most of her prints are now unique one-off monoprints. Some elements, however, keep appearing in successive prints.

It's always a surprise who or what will appear on the page. These pages provide the inspiration for most of her work and often have recurrent themes of love, loss and longing, and interconnectedness.

For her first exhibition with the Terrace Gallery, Fijke has made a group of prints, based on her daily drawings. The working title is A beautiful morning and other stories