Ed Chapman  - Writers Collective talk - 03/06/2021
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Ed Chapman - Writers Collective talk - 03/06/2021

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Ed Chapman, 03 June 18:30-19:30

The Reluctant Writer

Ed is an ordinary guy, well as ordinary as a recovering accountant can be, but has achieved extraordinary things through running. He does not have a sporting background; at school, he used to get out of P.E. as much as possible. His last school report said, “His spasmodic appearances leave no opportunity to comment”.

At the age of 40, a grave health warning resulted in the first tentative running steps. It took some time, but he eventually became hooked and has over 100 marathons or ultra-marathons under his belt; a belt that is now much tighter!

A blogger, editorial writer, book reviewer and runner, Ed has some amazing stories and is an entertaining speaker.

The theme of his talk will be The Reluctant Writer. Starting with being encouraged to write by a PR Consultant when I worked in financial services to writing newsletters, blogs and articles about running without thinking about myself as a writer to then moving into creative writing and realising I am a writer and being confident using that label.

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